Tossing Three Dice

In the parlor game of BUNCO, which is played by tossing 3 dice, rolling 3 of a kind is called a BUNKETT and rolling 3 of a kind in the round being played is called a BUNCO.

The probability of rolling a BUNKETT is 6:216 or 1:36 or 0.028. The probability of rolling a BUNCO is 1:216 or 0.0046.

This experiment determines if these mathematical probabilties hold true by rolling 3 dice up to 1,000,000 times. Choose how mamy times you want to toss.

We will assume that the round is "6" for deciding BUNCO was rolled. Each time you press the "TOSS" button, 3 dice will be rolled that many times.

Enter Number of Tosses: (1 - 1000000).

Mini-Bunco Rules