Tossing Dice

In the parlor game of BUNCO, which is played by tossing 3 dice, rolling 3 of a kind is called a BUNKETT and rolling 3 of a kind in the round being played is called a BUNCO.

The probability of rolling a BUNKETT is 1:36 or 0.028. The probability of rolling a BUNCO is 1:216 or 0.0046.

This is an experiment to determine if these mathematical probabilties hold true by rolling 3 dice up to 1,000,000 times.

Choose how mamy times you want to toss the dice. We will assume that the round is "6". Each time you press the "TOSS" button, 3 dice will be rolled that many times. Experiment results approach mathematical probabilty when the number of trials is very high.

Enter Number of Tosses: (1 - 1000000):